Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am the recepient of

I was given the Blogger Reflection Award by DK Raymer of A Flyover Blog. DK and her husband, Mitch, are both writers. I first learned of her blog through Thursday Thirteen. And, I've enjoyed reading it ever since.

I am to pick 5 bloggers who for this award - 5 bloggers who have given me encouragement, been a source of love, impacted me in some way, and are a Godly example. I am happy to know the following 5 bloggers and call them friends, because it is a joy to read their blogs.

Rules for Participants:

  1. Copy this post.
  2. Reflect on five bloggers and write at least a paragraph about each one.
  3. Make sure you link to this post so others can read it and the rules.
  4. Go leave your chosen bloggers a comment letting them know they've been given an award.
  5. Put the award icon on your site.
5 Bloggers of my choice:
  1. Peggie at Peggie's Place. I first met Peggie about 10 years ago, having found her web site. We became acquainted and almost instant friends. I have had the privilege of meeting her, her husband and one of their sons several times when I made a trip to Missouri. She has truly been an encouragement to me through the years and is a dear friend.
  2. Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life. I was hooked by Cindy's blog title when I first came across it. She is a writer and a radio announcer. And she likes to write about a variety of things on her blog, which certainly interests me. She is a proud grandmother, also, to which I can relate.
  3. Barb at A Chelsea Morning. I was cruising around on the Internet and found Barb. And, I have been entertained ever since by her warm writings. She writes about her family - most recently, the marriage of her daughter, Mandy. And, she gives recipes. And, unlike me, is a perfectionist,when it comes to housekeeping. She is such a loving person, too. It has certainly been a joy to know and communicate with her.
  4. Carol at She Lives. I first began to come to Carol's blog when it sported the beautiful Bluebonnets of Texas. I fell in love with her blog then and how she writes, and have kept coming back. She is a lovely person, a loving Mom, and also has time to play in a band!
  5. Neil at Neil's Notes. Neil is an associate pastor in Florida. I enjoy his blog posts, especially about his family and the mission trips he occasionally takes. His blog is just a friendly and enjoyable place to visit.
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Barb said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and this award, Barb. This award has a lot of meaning behind it and it's an honor to receive it.

It amazes me that this was created by a sixteen year old girl.

Your sweet words about me made my day!

Cathy said...

Congratulations- DK Raymer had some nice things to say about you.

Talk..to..Grams said...

Congratulations! Your life is a Blessing to your family and friends! This is a lovely award for you!