Monday, November 05, 2007

And this is just Monday!

I love Mondays. Oh, I love every day, but Monday seems to bring on a feeling that you have 'the whole week' to get done whatever it is you want to accomplish. But some of us are procrastinators. So, no matter what we mean to get accomplished at any given time, we usually miss the mark. Or, we find ourselves hurrying to get it finished at the last minute. I've been guilty many times!

Today is a beautiful day; sunshine is flowing through my windows. But, the sunshine is deceiving, at the moment. It's cold outside! It is supposed to be up to 76 by this afternoon, cooling down to the 60's by tomorrow, but Wednesday morning, it will be 32 degrees! Folks, I am not ready for cold weather, although I am glad to see the 90's and 100 degree weather cool down. I am a very cold natured person. I like the temperatures to be in the 70's, but God knew what was best for us.

I've been virtually visiting others this morning. I try to get around to all those I have in my bookmarks each day. This morning, I found Tom over at Thinking Christian talking about the mystery of mailboxes. I used to wonder the same thing until I drove up to one at a local post office and found mail literally pouring out the lid! I wondered why anyone would want to chance that mail getting stolen or possibly wet by rain. Why not just go inside, or, at least, go to the next mailbox! Sometimes, we are just lazy folks!

Then, I wandered over to Third World County where David was telling people to 'call me crazy'. (laughing) Reading the post, I found that researchers are saying, if we don't get enough sleep, it will lead to mental disorders. Does that mean we need to sleep enough to empty our minds of all the worries and stress we accumulate in the world today from all the loonies we come in contact with?

When I lay my head down on my pillow on my great mattress at night, I try not to replay the events of the day. I want sleep so I try and focus my mind on the good things of life, say my prayers, and drift off into a state of euphoria, giving my care (I Peter 5:7) of this world to the Lord. He can handle them better than me. He can even handle Mondays!

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Carol said...

I get plenty of sleep, so I'm wondering what my excuse might be?

Seriously, it's true. There is such thing as a sleep-deprived psychosis. Totally reversible, of course.

Sleep is a very good thing.

Neil said...

You are just the best Barbara! So positive and encouraging.I think Monday would be a great day if it started on Thursday!

Barbara said...

Neil, you are so funny! You are too young to want to rush the week! Rethink your thinking, because tomorrow is Monday again. :) You again have the whole week to get done whatever you need done before Thursday. Or perhaps you are too busy during the week, so you want to start during the middle? :)