Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A matter of choice

Thanksgiving usually means everyone is thinking turkey will be on the menu. While I like turkey, and we occasionally have the bird at Thanksgiving or Christmas, it is not always on the menu. And, that holds true for Thursday. My husband doesn’t like turkey although he will eat some of the white meat. I’m truly a white meat eater. But, I have children and grandchildren who love turkey, no matter white or dark meat.

This year, a ham will grace my table. I know that it will go over good and everyone will have leftovers to take home. I have one grandson who could eat ham every meal. And, to go with the ham, I’ll have the traditional dressing, yes – made with chicken. You haven’t tasted dressing until you taste mine!

We make other choices in life that makes an impact on others. The way dress, the way we talk to others, the way we conduct our lives in public, the cars we drive – I could go on and on. But, you get the picture. Whatever we do, there are others watching us from afar or perhaps even next door. We are individuals that can make a difference in the lives of many.

When we become Christians, our lives should take on a different direction. Rather than trying to make decisions by ourselves, we need to pray and get direction from the Lord. I know that might not go over with some, but it’s imperative that we sustain a close relationship with our creator. Life is made easier in retrospect. Sometimes we do undergo things that we don’t understand, but it only helps to make us stronger. Whatever direction our life goes in, it has been our choice. We can choose to live a life of righteousness for the Lord or a life of good for the enemy. Good doesn’t get us any place, although it may make you look good in the eyes of others. But, a true repentant heart makes you a child of the King! What choice have you made?

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Maxine said...

I am thankful to say that I choose the Lord and that He chose me.
May your Thanksgiving be blessed, Barbara.

Cathy said...

Thank God we are His children. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Mimi said...

It is so wonderful to know the peace of salvation... I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving