Sunday, November 18, 2007

Christmas is in the air!

Sure, I know you haven't had your Thanksgiving turkey yet. But, with all the lamp posts draped with Christmas ornaments and the stores full of Christmas displays, one starts getting into the holiday mood early.

When I was a youngster, many moons ago, Christmas was never ushered in until the day after Thanksgiving. The big Christmas tree in Washington was lit and you knew the holiday was on its way. Now, Christmas starts coming out in the summer, I kid you not! Room as been made for Christmas toys very early. I went into a local WalMart about two weeks ago hunting for a particular item. But, I had a hard time finding it because they had moved that department in order to make room for the toys. They have the idea that, if they put them up early enough, children will see them, and start begging for a certain toy. And, parents will hurry to buy it to satisfy the child who has too many already! Companies have the right idea to make money. Actually, it's draining the pockets of some people who really can't afford Christmas.

But, I digress. I actually walked into that store that day and they were playing a Christmas carol! I mean, hey, we haven't even graced our table with the Thanksgiving meal and Christmas tunes are filling the air! I love Christmas music; I love Christmas. But, it grows old when you have to hear it for two months. It takes away the meaning of Christmas when you see the toys coming out so early, the decorations making their way to the front of the store - not to mention their big Christmas tree already out!

What would happen if we chose to not celebrate Christmas in any shape, form or fashion until Christmas Eve? I can tell you one thing that would happen. There would be less bills to pay after December 25th. There would probably be businesses that would have to close their doors, and unhappy children on Christmas morning. But, all in all, there would be less depression and our billfolds would be fuller! Do you think you could survive one Christmas only thinking about what God gave to the world?

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Mimi said...

Actually Barbara that would be a wonderful idea... or if we all started MAKING all of our Christmas, like they did in days gone by..

Barbara said...

Mimi, that didn't cross my mind. My daughter-in-law did combine making gifts for Christmas last year along with buying. She embroidered dish towels and aprons for my daughter and me. She also made blankets for all the kids.