Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Christian woman accused of evangelizing

An unnamed woman in Iran was running a tailoring shop. She had all her sewing equipment destroyed and she was beaten. She had started to teach 3 women how to sew when Christianity came up and she gave her testimony. When they started asking questions, she began to teach them about Christianity.

One of the women was from a very 'fanatic Muslim family'. She began to follow the Christian faith and her family did not approve. They began to beat her and threatened to kill her if she didn't return to Islam. So she fled to another city. Her family went after the sewing instructor, thinking the woman had gone there.

"They thought she might have taken refuge in the home of the lady who was teaching her how to sew. They had heard about her and the fact that she had evangelized their daughter. In any case, they contacted that lady and threatened her by telling her that if she did not send their daughter back to them, they would close down her shop and would even arrange to kill her," the report said.

"Within fundamentalist Islam, the penalty of someone who turns from Islam is death. That is why they had the right to kill her if they wanted to. Obviously, their daughter was not staying with that seamstress, but the parents did not believe this," VOM said.

The family of the woman who had turned to Christianity destroyed all the sewing equipment. They beat her and then told the police. She was taken to court and the Judge determined she was the guilty party because she was 'evangelizing'. He said her persecutors had the right to attack her, and if he ever caught her doing this again, he would punish her more severely.

The woman has since moved to another town. Churchgoers have helped her with medical bills. The Voice of the Martyrs have made a commitment to help her replace all her equipment so she can open another tailoring shop.

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Maxine said...

Thanks for posting this Barbara. I don't think I heard about this one. Keeps us on our knees.

Barbara said...

You are welcome, Maxine. I just read about it this morning. It is a terrible thing that so many Christians are having to endure.