Sunday, November 25, 2007

Democrats shift focus because of success in Iraq

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As violence declines in Baghdad, the leading Democratic presidential candidates are undertaking a new and challenging balancing act on Iraq: acknowledging that success, trying to shift the focus to the lack of political progress there, and highlighting more domestic concerns like health care and the economy.

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Do you think they get the message now? But, this will not stop their attacks on the Bush administration. They still argue that casualties are too high and think the only way to stop this is to have a full withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

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Laura Linger said...

When it's YOUR brother, son, husband, sister, mother, father, wife, friend who is killed, Barbara, well, then, YES...the casualties are far too high.

I am glad to see that you had a nice Thanksgiving. I would have, too...except that I had to console my mother the entire time, whose entire life has been destroyed by the murder of her son over in Baghdad back in May.

Until you have suffered personally from the "policies" of Resident Moron and his gaggle of criminals, keep your big Christian yap SHUT. At the very least, have a little bit of that Christian compassion for those Democrats who have sacrificed FAR MORE than people like you ever could or would for this war.

By the way, I have put this response to you over on my blog, so that you won't have to approve it.

Barbara said...

Laura, you've been quiet lately, and I've let you post today here to show other people how some liberals really think and act.

This happens to be my blog and it is not your call on what I post.