Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Review: The Execution of Jesus

Execution of JesusExecution of Jesus

Review: The Execution of Jesus
Produced by: Multimedia Entertainment, Inc. &
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The Execution of Jesus is a documentary that explores his last days and the mystery of Jesus' crucifixion. For 2,000 years scholars and archaeologists have worked to document the exact place where the last supper took place. The question is also asked if Jesus knew that his death was near. It is thought that he did because of Mark 14:22 where he presents the breaking of the bread as his body, and sharing of the cup as his blood.

The Documentary has 5 ACTS.

  • ACT I - Into Jerusalem
  • ACT II - Miracles and Betrayal
  • ACT III - Condemned to die
  • ACT IV - The Crucifixion
  • ACT V - The Promise
The documentary is 50 minutes in length. It is well presented with scripture from the Bible with each of the acts. There are many historical places shown in this documentary. I recommend it to my readers to view this documentary.

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