Saturday, April 26, 2008


Parenting is not always an easy task. There are so many ways one can go wrong. But, scripture says to ‘train up a child in the way he should go and, when he is old, he will not depart from it’. (Proverbs 22:6) That does not mean you will not have conflicts along the way, or the child will love you through it all. It means that, in the future, he will come to realize that you were trying to make sure he develops into a well-rounded adult, able to function in an adult world.

Our children weren’t allowed to do everything they asked to do, or go everywhere they wanted to go. In fact, they weren’t able to hang around all the kids that they may have wanted to hang around. I suppose you can say we were strict parents. And, we got flack from our kids, at times. I often got the comment, “but ‘so and so’s’ Mom lets so and so do such and such.” I followed up with, “but I’m not so and so’s Mom; I’m yours.”

Well, we were strict to a point. We allowed them to date at 16, even by themselves. In fact, we always felt it was usually safer for teens to be alone on a date than with others who might pressure them into doing things they would not ordinarily do. But, they always knew we might check on them at any given time, and I did. They never knew when it might be, so they had better be where they should be when I called. Otherwise, they faced discipline they may perhaps not like! They had curfews and they always respected them. We weren’t perfect parents, but we tried our best to bring them up in a good environment and teach them to respect themselves and others.

Bringing up your children to have good manners, to not smoke, drink, do drugs, or go to wild parties has its rewards. After our son got out of school, into college and working (he worked a full time job during college days), he called home one night to tell us how he appreciated how he had been brought up. He told us that had he not been taken to church and taught right from wrong, that he could have been a drunkard, doing drugs, homeless, and on the street. Seems he had come in contact with a former classmate that had not faired so good in life.

Even if a child strays after being parented correctly, there is hope. God’s Word is truth. I put full trust in what He has said about a child not departing from the truth when he grows older. A child usually returns to their childhood faith in later years, even when they don’t follow it in their earlier years. So, if your child has strayed, don’t give up. Hold on to God’s promises, and pray that his path crosses that of another Christian who can be guidance back to God.

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