Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Three strikes and you are out

When the baseball games start, everybody is out there in the stands cheering for their favorite team. With each ball thrown, we look for a home run or, at least, for the batter to get on the base. With each strike, our heart misses a beat, wondering if the next one will be a hit or miss. And, when that third strike comes, we know our batter had made an out! No turning back the clock – it’s over, done; he is out!

Obama has been playing the game of hit and miss for awhile. He calls it ‘change’. First, we find that he has been in a church for 20 years where his pastor has taught hatred toward whites, another form of racism or bigotry. He is for abortion, including late term abortions. 75% of Americans are against late term abortions. He feels that parents of young teenagers should not be told their child is having an abortion. In other words, parents, you have no right to making decisions that will impact your child for the rest of her life. Then, there is his statement in which he thinks a young girl would be ‘punished’ with a child, if she made a mistake – he spoke about his own girls here. A child is a ‘gift from God’ the last time I looked.

Then just a few days ago, Mr. Obama commented in unscripted remarks to a Pennsylvania audience that if when his daughters become teenagers, he does not want them to be “punished with a baby” if they make a mistake.

Punished with a baby? Is that any way to refer to the miracle of life, even under unfortunate circumstances?

In a 1996 questionnaire, Obama said he is for the absolute ban on Americans owning handguns. 75% of Americans believe the Second Amendment gives citizen the right to own firearms. And, to add insult in injury, last week, Obama said he was against law-abiding citizens ‘who pass a background check and complete any required classes’, from having a concealed-carry permit.

Mr. Obama’s extreme views on the Second Amendment and abortions, coupled with giving benefits and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, and his opposition to surveillance of terrorist phone calls overseas, start to form a coherent portrait of a political radical with a pleasant smile and easy manner. The candidate who has said that evangelical leaders who speak out on issues like religious liberty and same-sex marriage, have “hijacked” Christianity, has provided us with an ample supply of social and national security issues to vet.

When we add to this picture his positions on economic issues, we get a firm grasp of what Mr. Obama is all about. It is the pattern that is disturbing and newsworthy.

Voters are being sold a bill of goods. It is far more than Mr. Obama not being a moderate. The more we discover about him, the more he goes from looking like a big-government, doctrinaire liberal, to being a radical on the fringe of the political spectrum.
I wonder when the media will start asking the correct questions and letting the public know exactly what this man believes and what his intentions really are, if he became President. Give the public the full picture in order for them to make an ‘informed decision’ rather than taking Obama at his Word. He himself says they are ‘just words’.

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