Monday, April 21, 2008

Pet peeves

There are so many pet peeves - but there is one that just irritates me more than any other. That happens to be the anonymity that some use in order to attack others through email or comments on a blog.

If a person has a problem with something I write, it would give them more credibility if they emailed me with the name and a way to get in touch with them. Then we could discuss what they see as a problem. I have had numerous people email me to discuss certain things on my web site, but also more felt it was necessary to downgrade me through anonymity. I just received one email calling me a 'complete faggot' because they disagreed with my page on the Potter controversey.

I am wondering if this is a teenager or perhaps a disgruntled adult. I've had many adults tell me how good these books are and how they do not have anything wrong with them that they wouldn't let their children read. We all have our opinions on everything. What I wrote reflects how I would feel, but I also give lots of links to other sites that are more indepth with explanations. There are also those links to the pros and cons of the Potter books. Either way, if you want credibility in my sight, please give me your name and the ability to make a response. Otherwise, I just view this as juvenile and that doesn't mean I am passing this off as a child writing. Adults are sometimes juvenile in their approach with such things, as well.

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LN- Nickers and Ink said...

I SO agree!

Anonymous comments don't count for much, if the commentators will not stand up and be counted.


Harry Potter

Barbara said...

I certainly agree, Linda! By the way, I read the Harry Potter poem. GREAT!