Sunday, April 06, 2008

Grandchildren will make you do crazy things

Yesterday was a very rainy day. The weatherman said it would clear up and be nice by lunch time. Well, it did neither! It rained or misted rain all day long. But, we endured it to see two of our daughter's children play in an Invitational Soccer Tournament. I believe there were possibly 8 different Varsity teams playing. Our 14 year old grandson, an eighth grader, made starter on the Varsity team. He has played soccer since he was about 6 years of age.

The one in black is our grandson. He may be small, but he is loud! He will go up against the largest player and give them a run for their money! And, he is able to score against the best.

Our grand daughter is a senior and Captain of her team. She's been a Captain for the past two years. She has also played since she was about 6 years of age. She played on City League until she started playing Varsity. She has also played Premier Soccer for a traveling team for 3 years in the Fall. We are truly going to miss her playing next year because we don't think she will continue to play in college. She is the one in white about to kick the ball. She scored the winning point in the last game of the day. Both the boys and girls teams from their school took home first place trophies and medals. The day was well spent although it meant a bad hair day today! Yes, grandparents will do crazy things for their grandkids!

Click on the pictures for a larger view.

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Mimi said...

how much fun to see your grand kids participate in school activities...Our gandsson was into we went to every school play (as he was in all of them)
now that he is graduated...we never seem to make it to the plays...ha ha
congragulations on two great sportsmen...

Barbara said...

We have 5 grandchildren and all have participated in sports until this year. Our oldest grandson is not playing since he's in college. My daughter has 3 in soccer, sometimes playing the same day at different places like Saturday. Her 12 year old son plays Premier soccer and he had a game about 15 or 20 minutes away so he rode with another man and his son who plays with him. We don't get to go to as many right now - things are just to expensive, like gas! And, of all things, they charged to park at this tournament, something that has never happened before!

Cathy said...

I enjoyed seeing the pictures from the games. I know you are proud of them.