Wednesday, April 23, 2008

End of an era - beginning of another

When we have children, we relish every moment of their growing years. But there comes a time when we realize they are growing up, becoming a woman or man of their own. Being a Mother, I certainly know how it feels to have your children grown and gone from home. Both of mine have children of their own. But, my daughter had a son to graduate from high school last year and is a freshman in college. Her only daughter graduates this year - only about one month away.

What is so sad is the fact it ends her career in soccer. She has played since a young child - on City League on a Co-Ed team to start with, playing with her older brother. Then, she later played on an all-girl team. When she got to JR High and High school, she began playing for her high school. She plays Varsity and has been the team captain for 2 years running. The coach said, on Senior night, that she had been the only girl chosen captain two years in a row. We are so proud of her, and really hate to see her soccer days coming to an end. They played their last home game last Thursday. They played an away game last night, and on Thursday night, she and two other seniors will wrap up their days as high school soccer players.

The Varsity girls and boys played in an Invitational Soccer Tournament last month in which both teams from their school won first place trophies. The picture here is of my granddaughter. She and one other girl were the only ones to score for the Varsity girls from their school in the entire tournament. We were so proud of her!

She has had a great time at soccer. She has also played Premier soccer ball for the last three years. But, right now, we are almost certain she will not continue to play in college. But, she will beginning another wonderful phase of her life, and we wish her well!

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Cathy said...

Barb, I didn't know she was the captain for two years. It sounds like she is very popular. I know you will miss her games.
I have tagged you for a six word memoir. :)

Barbara said...

Yes, she was captain the last two years - and they are voted in by the other girls. They share the captain ship. Last year, the coach's oldest daughter and her were the captains. This year it was the 3 seniors - I know she was voted in - but think maybe the Coach gave it to one of the others so she wouldn't feel left out. But she's bossy and not a leader like my granddaughter.