Monday, October 09, 2006

Are local churches becoming taboo?

Dan, over at Cerulean Sanctum, wrote a post that caught my eye. The name of it is “Because we can, we should?” I read up on the website he was talking about,, and found it is an offspring of

Now, I love church, and I love going to church. But, I have yet to understand how an online church could suffice for a live church service. To me, there is nothing that can replace the meeting of Christians as a church body, to edify one another. How easily it would be for anyone to say act like they were Christians ‘online’, because nobody can see me or really know my heart, unless they know me personally. There is no way I can be taken seriously, because I’m a ‘hidden figure’, saying I’m Christian. Only God would know if I was an imposter or not.

But, what really got to me was the fact this has a place for you to send in donations, tithes, and offerings! I know we are living in some fast times, where the Internet plays a big part in our lives.But, I have a hard time seeing my home church replaced with an online one, and my giving to people I do not know. For all I know, the money could be going for anything for the ‘pastor’ of this ‘online church’ to do with whatever he wants, whether it is to further the gospel message or not. I don’t see where the ‘online church’ is held responsible by any organization. It was started by one man, and has an online staff of two people, that I can tell. is a place to go tell your ‘secret’ confessions online to other people. Oh, I know he says don’t go and read just to see what others have done. I could understand telling a chosen few in my church body I had done wrong, but not an entire world! You need people praying who truly know you, and want to see you back on the track with God. I see no way a body across the world can truly know you have indeed changed by making an online confession. We need to repent to GOD – not man.

Help me. Am I reading this all wrong? Are today’s churches taboo, since we are so computer minded, and are too lazy to get out of our chairs, get ready, and go to our local assembly?

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Dan Edelen said...

Thank you for linking to my post at Cerulean Sanctum. I pray what I wrote blesses your readers.

J. Mark English said...


This is a great blog. I'm going to be sure to link yours to mine. Would you mind doing the same for me?

Thank you very much.

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Neil said...

The trend is becoming more and more that church is outdated and irrelevant. My question is where do you go for accountabilty and relationship? When you're sick who do you call, when your children need to be dedicated, or married and when your family member needs to be buried, can you count on Dell?

Good Post!

Phil Steiger said...

Great thoughts, and a needed discussion in our day and age. It is true that a lot of people assume that because we can do it we should, but there is obviously a lot of moral reflection that needs to go on before we do.

While it is a great tool, the virtual community simply lacks the incarnational realities needed in the Body of Christ.

Barbara said...

Neil, you are right. There is nobody to call, if you really need them. Oh, we can email and ask for prayer. But, that is not like having someone with you, praying. The Online church leaves a lot to be desired. There is nothing like close relationships you develop in a church setting. Besides, I had rather hear the pastor's sermon in person. I take my Bible with me to church, and I'm sure that isn't done online.

Barbara said...

Phil, I believe we should not forsake the assembling together. And, you cannot do it on this computer. We need to be held accountable, and it can't be done through the Internet, regardless of what they think. There is so much lacking with the online experience versus the home church.