Monday, October 16, 2006

Your life is on the line

We have had lots of rain today. I was in town with my husband today on business, and a little shopping. As we traveled around town, it began to rain. And, when it rains, I do not like to be on busy streets or crowed interstates. But, you have to keep the car/truck on the pavement!

Today got very hectic as we came across town. We had taken my husband's work truck into the shop for repairs, and he was driving his truck in front of me in our car. You could hardly see for all the white which was produced by the tires of the trucks on the road hitting the water and spewing it up in our faces. But, this one woman got right up under my husband, and I was looking for him to have to make a fast stop in the busy traffic on the Interstate and the woman to go right up under him! He could not even see her, she was so close.

Then, there are those that never give a thought to defensive driving when it's raining. As one of our local radio hosts said, "People forget how to drive in the rain". He is so correct! They fly down the road, never giving a thought to hitting a pocket of water and hydroplaning, and causing a serious accident, and possibly death for someone. Most have no fear whatsoever of what a vehicle is capable of these days. Apparently, they don't give a thought to losing their life, either.

Coming out of town, in the hard rain, I was following a woman, because I could not change lanes. Where we were at, there were 4 lanes. One lane went to the right, and one of the remaining lanes has arrows, indicating you can go right or straight ahead. Now you are given these arrows way before you get to the off ramp. This woman almost stopped directly in front of me and all the traffic behind me, including my husband in his big truck, put on her blinker,and was waiting to get in the middle lane! I called back to my husband that I had a woman stopping on the Interstate. Now, this is in afternoon traffic going home! I have no idea what the woman was thinking, or where she learned the rules of the road, but it was not where I learned mine! Angels must have moved the middle lane enough for her to squeeze in. I went by her, and I have no idea where she went because I never saw her again.

Too often, Christians are sort of like the woman who almost came to a stop, when she made the decision to move into the other lane. We forget where we should be going, and sort of lose our direction. We get sidetracked by other things in life that we think need our attention, and forget to keep our mind on God. Just as the woman could have lost her life in her decision to go so slow in the heavy traffic, our life depends on the decision we make with God. No matter how life presses us, we should always keep our eyes centered on Him, never just drifting along in complacency in our walk with the Lord. Satan has a way of slipping in on us, when the door is left ajar.

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Debbie said...

Excellent post and a good life lesson for all of us. I plan to link to your article, but I'm not seeing the trackback URL. Am I blind this morning (maybe I need another cup of hot tea), heh.

Right Truth

Debbie said...

Never mind, you can remove that comments, I WAS blind. I found it. So sorry. I'm weary this morning with Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, ...

deb said...

Barb, I stay inside as much as I can when we have rainy days like that, esp. off the interstate. Drivers are vicious! And poor vision in the rain makes it so much worse. Glad you and your husband made it home safely.