Thursday, October 19, 2006

Be careful: The woman may be trigger-happy!

For Thursday Thirteen, I had written a little clip about something that happened at my house a couple weeks ago. Everyone seemed to be interested in what happened, and said they’d love to have seen the real thing. So, I thought I’d expand on that little bit of information that I supplied my readers.

First off, I never go to the door when I’m alone. I live in the country, and, although it is on a busy road, it is still not safe to open your doors to complete strangers. Now, if a delivery man, such as UPS, or FedEx, someone I already know, comes to my door, and I’m expecting him, I’ll answer. I’ll answer the door, if I see someone I know. But, if you are a stranger, forget it. Even if you’ve had an accident in my front yard, I do not open a door when I’m alone. I may call someone for you, but my door stays locked.

Well, my front door bell rang. This is also a clue you do not know me! So, I sat here quietly at the computer, waiting for it to quit. He kept ringing. So, I tiptoed to the foyer, and peeped out the peep hole. Although I saw a very clean and nicely dressed man perhaps in his mid to late 30’s (probably around my son’s age), there is no way I’d open the door. I came and sat back down.

He got persistent in his ringing my door bells. He went to the back door and tried ringing, and then started knocking! I guess he saw both the truck and car in our garage. But, he had no idea I was at home. It began to scare me. So, I called my husband who told me to get my shotgun and have it handy, and not to hesitate to shoot through the door, if he started trying to come in. You must know, we were burglarized 4 years ago and they literally tore our door to pieces and knocked the frame out of the wall!

I heard him get in his car and leave. But, in a few minutes, I heard this car coming, at a rapid rate of speed, into my drive way. I looked and saw this old, red, remodeled Mustang flying around to my back yard. It got me really upset, and I was shaking so bad, I don’t know if I could have pulled the trigger or not. But, I went to the Den and peeped out and saw his car parked at our little building in the back yard, but he was no where in sight. So, I preceeded to go to the back door in the laundry room, with my shotgun held up high on my shoulder. AND, just as I slid open the blind on my door, the guy had stepped up, ready to push the door bell again! He saw my shot gun, and his arms immediately hit the air. He said, “Ma’am, I mean no harm. I didn’t want you to think I was stealing your gas. I ran out of gas down the road, and couldn’t get you to the door. I’ve left $5 on the can in the shed.”

Well, I was greatly relieved, and I told him that was fine. But, when he left, I got to thinking, that guy just does not know how close he came to being shot. And, as my husband said, that fellow had lots of courage, with our cars at home, not knowing if we were watching, and taking our gas can from our building, where the doors were shut. He said, had he been home and seen it, he would have shot him for stealing! The guy was, indeed lucky that he still has a life! And, I’m sure he will think twice before pulling that stunt again – especially at this woman’s house, where he knows a shotgun is in wait for the next criminal. But, he did leave $5 on the top of the can, so he perhaps was one of the honest ones!

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Barb said...

I probably would have reacted the same way. Very scary. If I were home alone, I'd never open the door to anyone I didn't know.

butterflykiss21 said...

That was an entertaining story. I was picturing you at the door with the shot gun. I bet he has a tory to tell too.

Henry Haney said...

And I bet he'll never pull that stunt again on anybody else! LOL

Whew- I'm not laughing at the situation because I know it was scary- I'm laughing because I'm picturing you holding that shotgun and the look of horror in that boy's eyes! :)

Marie said...

A good reminder to be sure before we shoot.

Good for you for being ready. Good for you for not being trigger happy.

Barbara said...

I don't really know what I would have done, had the person actually been wanting in my house. Only God knows if I could have pulled the trigger. I know how to shoot our guns, but it's only been at targets so far. I hope it stays that way! When our house was broken into and we were robbed, we were both gone, thank the Lord!