Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Fate of arrested Iranian Christian couple unknown

Fereshteh Dibaj and her husband, Reza Montazami, are leaders of an independent church in Mashhad. Plainclothes agents arrested them after they went through their house and took their computer, Christian books , and other belongings.

The couple were warned about having prayer meeting in their house, but continued to do so. They cannot understand why Muslims are able to meet freely in Mosque anywhere in the world, but Christians do not have this freedom. Fereshteh's brother,Issah Dibaj, who lives in the United Kingdom, says that they first arrest people in Iran and then look for charges.

Montazami has been in contact once with his parents, with a short phone call. His wife has been unable to make a call or even talk to Christine, their 6 year old daughter.

Prague Roman Catholic Bishop Vaclav Maly says that Iranian Christians are leaving Iran because they cannot fully live their lives. He says that Iran may soon be void of any Christians, and it would be a spiritual and cultural pity since Christianity were in Iran before Islam was.

Many Muslims have converted to Christianity. But, it is feared more and more will not practice openly since they fear persecution. The fate of this couple has probably put more fear into those Muslims who have converted.

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