Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Jesus Christ Dancers" win lawsuit

In December 2005, a group of young girls, ages 8 to 12, were to be the first to perform in the city of Chula Vista's Holiday Festival. But, because of today's politcal correctness, these young girls never got to perform, after being held 80 minutes for the city employees to decide whether their performance was appropriate or not.

Other dancers were allowed to perform: Hawaiian prayer
dance, belly dancer, and a Rabbi lighting the menorah. But, these 6 young girls, dressed in a shirt which read 'Jesus Christ Dancers", with a cross on it, were not allowed to perform. This was very embarrassing and humilating, and caused those young girls to cry.

The American Family Association Center for Law and Policy represented those girls, and their instructor. The federal lawsuit has been settled, and each were awarded $3,000. Also, the city had to pay $10,000 in legal fees.

A consent decree signed Oct. 24 ordered the city to pay $3,000 to each of the girls and to their dance instructor. Another $10,000 is to be paid for attorney fees and costs. Also included in the settlement is a requirement by the court for the city "to provide First Amendment training on an annual basis to its police officers and all city employees who are classified as mid-managers and above."

Attorney Brian Fahling said Chula Vista "is to be commended for stepping forward and acknowledging it violated the girl's constitutional rights."

Tim Wildom, president of American Family Association, said the girls got a good civics lesson. They have learned to stand up for their constutional rights. In the long run, it benefits everyone, not only the girls.

Specifically, the complaint said the city prohibited "the name of Jesus being displayed and the songs with words that praise the Christian God from being played while permitting other religious and secular songs and expression."

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