Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Before I Wake

Book Review: Before I Wake
Author: Dee Henderson
Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Carol Stream, Illinois
ISBN-10 1-4143-0815-9

"She needed somewhere quiet to let the stress of the last years drain away, and it didn't get more anonymous than working for Bruce in a small town she'd struggled to find on the map." pg. 1

Rae Gabriella, who has experienced lots of different things in her life which have brought her pain (a failed romance, a bad experience as an FBI agent), decided it was time to distance herself from her former hometown. So, she decided to sell her home and move. But, she also decided to call her former boyfriend, Bruce, with whom she hadn't had much contact in years, but apparently still felt his pull on her life.

Bruce offers her a job, which means moving to an old town called Justice. Bruce also had sought refuge in this quiet, homey little town and made himself many friends. He had invited Rae to be a partner in his investigative business. But, was this all Bruce had on his mind?

"I rarely let first impressions of someone be my long-term opinion." She offered the bag of chocolates to share her best find of the day--the chocolates were near perfection. "You've heard news that has you worried?" page 110

This book has 381 pages packed full of expectation (would she or wouldn't she), excitement helped along by the town sheriff, Nathan Justice, of the Justice family who named the town, and suspense! The author leads you through the pages of this novel as though you were right on the scene of everything that happens. You feel like you are eavedropping on conversations, as you read and anticipate what is about to happen.

The book is also a great thriller. From the beginning of Rae's first case on the new job, I felt I knew the person responsible. The more I read, I thought perhaps someone else could also be involved. The author has a way of keeping you wondering, yet wanting to hurry to the end to see what really has gone on. You will be surprised, even at the end. It is a book I found hard to put down!

Dee Henderson is the author of fourteen best-selling novels. She is a life-long residence of Illinois.

My name is Barbara Sanders, and I am a homemaker with grown children and grandchildren. I am a book reviewer for Active Christian Media.

This book gets 5 stars.

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