Thursday, October 26, 2006

Have you shared Jesus with someone today?

In Extreme Devotions from The Voice of the Martyrs, there is a story on Day 242 that tells the story of an unknown mother from Korea and her son. The mother knew Jesus as her Saviour, but she had never shared the gospel message with her teenage son. One day, that all changed.

Her son came home one day with the look of shock on his face. When his mother questioned him, he told her about his friend. Two police officers had stopped them, and accused his friend of being a Christian. The boy did not deny it even when the policeman put a gun to his head. The son told his mother that he did not even know what a Christian was. She told him she did, and began to share the salvation message with her son.

She told him about the miraculous birth of Jesus and how he died on the cross for him so that we could have eternal life with Him. She had never shared this with her son, and it truly pained her. But, she told him that God was giving her another chance to share Jesus with her son through the death of his friend.

Today, that son is smuggling Bibles into North Korea and planting house churches there.

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Kate said...

What a story that was! I was so blessed by it. It just amazes me how we take our salvation for granted and don't share it with others!