Monday, October 23, 2006

Our of the abundance of the heart...

The mouth speaks. (Matthew 12:34). I believe we often say things that we should not say. But, let's be honest; don't say that is not what you mean, after you have said it.

Case in point: that of a US Senior diplomat, who should have known better. Alberto Fernandez, US State Department director of public diplomacy in the Near Eastern Affairs bureau, had an interview with Al-Jazeera in which he said the US had shown arrogance and stupidity with the situation in Iraq. After reading the transcript, he says that is not what he or the State Department believes; he just 'misspoke'.

I'm not a 'heart reader', so I can't pass judgement on him. But, I do believe our mouth usually bears out what we really believe.

On Saturday Mr Fernandez gave an interview to Al-Jazeera television in which he said, speaking in Arabic, that "there have been many mistakes in the (US) foreign policy in Iraq".

"We tried to do our best, but I believe that there is a great room for strong criticism, because - undoubtedly - there was arrogance and stupidity in US (dealing) with Iraq.''

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