Thursday, January 18, 2007

The image in the mirror is deceiving

How many times have you looked into that bathroom mirror, only to find a face you didn't recognize staring back at you?

Seems over the years that mirror seems to be playing tricks! The face seems to change from day to day. At one time in your life, you actually thought it was your face you saw. Now you have your doubts that you ever saw your own face.

You were prepared to see a young, unwrinkled one with glowing hair, only to see a much-wrinkled face and white hair staring back. "This could not be my face", you thought. The mirror must be rigged!

Many of us have thought the same thing. But, after careful examination, we find that what we are seeing in that big mirror is indeed the face we call our own. Oh, it does not appear to be the face we envision in our on mind. In fact, our mind tells us that we really look much younger. Well, we do feel like we are younger, even though our body may look more like it belongs to the face in the mirror than than it does with what our mind thinks.

We could really freak out when we see that 'distorted image' in the mirror. But, remember the old saying, 'we are only as old as we feel'. What shows in the mirror and what others see, when they look at us, doesn't really tell the tale.

God gave us a body for the mind. He did not say the body would not age. II Corinthians 5:17 tells us that, if we are in Christ, then we are new creatures.
But He tells us to 'be renewed in the spirit of your mind' (Ephesians 4:23). The Word of God renews our mind in Him. He wants us to follow after Him with our whole being, not taking up the habits of the world. When the Word gets planted deeply within our spirit, then we are able to conform more to His purpose for our lives. Renewing our mind in the Word is the key to transformation from the old man to the new man.

As your mind is renewed day to day, then that image in the mirror seems to take on a new 'face'. You can smile at that image, knowing that your faith in God has given you the promise of eternal life. Our bodies may wane in this life, but, if we continue to put our trust in the heavenly Father, and follow after His commandments, then we know one day we will have a new body - one that is incorruptible.

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