Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nine Russian sisters sing the gospel

The Avtonomov sisters' parents accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior in 1978 in a church in Russia. They raised their 9 daughters, ages 17-31, in a Christian home, which had an influence in their lives. They all became Christians.

All the girls attended the same children's school of arts. They learned to play several instruments, including the piano, violin, and accordion. They now travel with their parents to over 60 cities, singing at churches, revivals services, and special events. They now have 2 albums out in the Russian languages.

Their mission while traveling through out Russia and the Ukraine is to glorify the Lord through their singing ministry and to reach out to the unsaved through the lyrics of their songs.
Their sister Sveta has written more songs and they are ready to record their third album. But the only problem is their family does not have the money for the recording fees. They are looking for a sponser. They are asking for prayer for the family and for a Christian sponsor who loves music to help them continue recording the gospel on album through their singing.

You can hear samples of their music at their website.

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