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The Minor Protection Act

Book Review
The Minor Protection Act
Author: Jodi Cowles
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Musterion Press
Division of VMI Publishers
Sisters, Oregon

“For some reason Jack felt he had no choice but to answer this man with the laser beam eyes. After a few false starts and throat clearing he softly began. The first words came out slowly, but suddenly he felt if he didn’t bear his soul now he would die. “I was wrong, what I did. I was all wrong.” Pg 176
Although The Minor Protection Act was written as a fiction novel and set in a future presidency, it could be something that might happen in our lifetime, given the blows Christianity has taken in the past. Jack argued a case in court that he thought dealt with matters that were tearing the country apart, causing violence and the rise of teen suicide, and teens to be violent toward themselves and others. The case was won, putting a young man in prison for his part supposedly in the ‘suicide’ of a young teenager.

With this win, Jack was summoned to see President Farmer, who, from my observation, had a problem with Christians raising their children to fear God. He felt that parents should be held accountable for their actions. So, with this, The Minor Protection Act was passed, but Jack soon came to realize the President did not have in mind what he had, when he agreed to it.

When children began to be taken from good families, people began to worry. One couple took it into their hands to do what they could to get Christian families with children out of the country before their families met the fate of being separated for years. They knew these children, especially the younger ones, would be indoctrinated with views against religion and God, in general. In other words, the government was saying these parents were raising terrorists, simply because they raised their children to obey the Word of God. So, if they shared it with other teens, then they were considered terrorists.

As the story continues, things begin to unravel, as Jack and others set out to prove the President had an agenda in passing this act. People begin to get fired, a death ensues because of lies, and the President’s future is in shambles, as is the future of The Minor Protection Act.

The author, Jodi Cowles, resides in Boise, Idaho. She has traveled in more than 30 countries. This is her first novel. And, I give it 5 points for believability! She hooked me!

My name is Barbara Sanders, wife, mother, and grandmother from Alabama. I review books for Active Christian Media.

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