Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #22

Ever have your mind blocked, and you can't get a clear picture of what you need to say? That is my predicament tonight, writing my 22nd Thursday Thirteen. So I decided to just talk about things on my mind.

Things I Have On My Mind

  1. My son is coming down on Saturday to do a few things to my laptop. We have a wireless set up, and I want to be able to print to my printer from my laptop. I also want to be able to get things off my PC in another room, when it is on.
  2. I've been thinking of buying a keyboard. I have looked at a few, but haven't really made up my mind whether to buy now or wait awhile.
  3. My grandson is a senior in high school, about to head off to college. He is wanting to continue to play football in college. And, he has not decided where he will be going. He is a kicker, so a scholarship is probably out unless he makes it as a walk-on. I worry about how they will afford college.
  4. We may be in for some bad weather, and our home gas tank is almost empty. We heat with electricity, but we use our gas logs here in our Den most of the time, and I am afraid we will run out of gas at the wrong time.
  5. I need to get serious about doing some deep house cleaning. It has just not been at the top of my agenda, as I get older. Anyone identify?
  6. I am wondering, with the chance of bad weather, if we will have our Ladies' Luncheon tomorrow at Olive Garden.
  7. The temperature has been going up and down all night. One meteorologist says we will have bad weather - another one says it's probably unlikely. And, the chance of rain has gone up and down for tomorrow, but the radar map keeps showing us getting lots of heavy rain.
  8. I need to clean closets again. Only thing, when I go through them, I hate to throw anything out!
  9. I need to take my black pants suit to the cleaners. I keep forgetting.
  10. I look forward to Spring in order to plant some flowers. I want to see some color in my yard.
  11. I want to go out and do some photography, especially of birds. We haven't had that many in our yard this winter.
  12. We now have sleet coming down in our yard. I hope it isn't bad in the morning for my kids to go to work and the teenagers to drive to school. They live farther NE than we do, and it is going to be worse than in the Central part of the state.
  13. I made it through another Thursday Thirteen. I need to think up some more topics!
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baggage said...

If you take any bird pictures, you should do a TT with them! I love to see pictures of birds. I have a conure myself, and my kitchen is decorated in a birdhouse theme.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Even though you had brain block, you ended up with a very good TT! I do identify with the deep cleaning. I usually start my spring cleaning by now, but I just can't get in the mood. I am in the mood for spring though and I can't wait to plant flowers! I've been getting the urge to go to the nurseries around here (we have quite a few), but I'm afraid I'll end up buying house plants for now and I just end up killing those. Have a wonderful Thursday and I hope the weather didn't turn bad for you.

Joely Sue Burkhart said...

I hear you--we just survived an ice storm (no power for 4 days) and now it snowed again last night with well below freezing temps. I could stand some globing warming about now... *g* Happy TT!

Christie said...

oh i hate cleaning! the boy finds every little speck on the floor and i am guilt ridden!!! thanks for stopping by mine, i hope the weather stays good for you all!!

Cheryl said...

I have so much to do too. There is so much stuff around our house that needs going through and put in its rightful place.

Amy Ruttan said...

Wow you have a lot on your mind. I haven't even thought about spring cleaning yet. I'm just thinking about how my roof needs fixing.

Happy TT! Thanks for dropping by mine.

Anonymous said...

I often get these mind blanks about what to write about.
Hey Baggage said to do birds, well, I made the birdhouse curtain for her kitchen! so funny she wrote that.

Thanks for visiting my TT

DK said...

Hi Barb! I soooo identify with your list this week. Brain block - that dreaded condition that allows you to identify things that need your attention, but leaves you unable to do anything about them - other than obcess! Hope things are clearer for you today. Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way. Happy Thursday!

spyscribbler said...

I need to do some cleaning, too. I wonder that's why I've taken to watching Clean Sweep and Clean House on tv, instead of cleaning, LOL! Happy TT!

AnnaMary said...

I just got done with my closets myself. House cleaning can be a pain, but man does it feel good afterwards! Good luck!

Carol said...

I usually hate winter and look forward to spring. As you've taken inventory of thing I really need to tackle this spring, I find myself hoping that groundhog predicts extra cold.

What kind of keyboard are you talking about? A computer keyboard? (Musicians get confused about these things.)

Barbara said...

Carol, I was talking about a musical keyboard. I forgot we are typing on a keyboard - my mistake!

e-Mom said...

This is a really nice "stream of conciousness." I think many of us have deep cleaning on the brain. I removed a lot of clutter recently, and what a difference it made!

I hope you visit my TT here.

Blessings! :~)