Friday, January 12, 2007

Two Happy Families Tonight in Missouri

William Ben Ownby got off the school bus Monday afternoon within walking distance of his home. And, he disappeared. An investigation has been going on since that afternoon. The 13 yr old's abduction was not witnessed, but another young boy got off the bus and realized Ben had disappeared. He noticed a rusty, beat up white truck making a hasty get away. Later, he told this to the authorities, which turned out to be the break in the case.

Today, there is not only one boy who had been abducted at home with his parents, but two. A truck fitting the description was seen at an apartment complex in Richmonds, MO, by officers who came to the complex to serve a warrant unrelated to the abduction.

When the police found Ben Ownby alive in the apartment of Michael Devlin, there sat another missing teenager who was abducted 4 years ago.

The second boy, Shawn Damian Hornbeck, 15, was last seen riding his bike on a the way to a friend's house in Richmond - in October, 2002. Richmond is town about 60 miles South of St. Louis.
Both boys have been returned to their families. They are overjoyed to be back with their parents. News has it that both boys are in good condition.
Michael J. Devlin, 41, was arrested and has been charged with one count of first-degree kidnapping, said Franklin County Prosecutor Robert Parks. Parks stated that more charges are likely and his bail had been set at $1 million.
Authorities in Utah sat that Devlin is listed in their state as a sex offender.

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