Saturday, January 13, 2007

Nifong removed from Duke case

A news conference was just held in Raleigh, NC by Attorney General Roy Cooper. AG Cooper said District Attorney Nifong was relieved from the Duke lacrosse case and his office would be taking over the case.

Facing ethics charges that could lead to his disbarment, beleaguered district attorney Mike Nifong had asked that a special prosecutor take over the case.
The AG could not say that the case would be resolved quickly or that the case would be dropped against the players. But, he did say that every piece of evidence would be looked at closely.

My feelings are that Nifong should be prosecuted for withholding information that would have cleared the boys even before they were indicted. But, evidentally, from all the information coming across the air waves, he was more interested in getting three more years in for retirement rather than dismissing a case that never should have happened. Perhaps he will have time to think while the Attorney General's office is pursuing him for the wrongs he has done handling this case. He has surely made three boys and their families suffer unnecessarily.

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Tammy said...

I live in Wake County and am so glad that Nifong is in Durham!!

Barbara said...

I can certainly understand. But, it may turn out that nobody will have to worry about him, if he's removed from his post.

Anonymous said...

If Nifong is NOT proscuted for his crimes, the entire charade is moot!