Saturday, January 27, 2007

This is the day the Lord has made

But how many of us actually are glad and rejoice in it (Psalm 118:24) without complaining? Do we get up in the morning and thank God for the ability to rise again, to breath the refreshing air, and have one more day in which to give him praise and thanks?

I would venture to say that most of us get out of bed 'on the wrong side'. In other words, we have not got all our rest out and we get up, going to the bathroom to wash our eyes and freshen up. We don't get up and say, 'thank you God I'm alive today', although we probably are thankful.But, we don't express it to the one that makes the next breath possible.

We go about our daily chores, complaining along the way of being tired, or that others never stop to help. We do things grudgingly, without ever smiling, because we feel we've been put out by others. Our jobs aren't satisfying because there are those that never do their part. They expect us to carry the load and never complain, while they get the 'free ride'.

But, we are still humans. And, humans have been known to complain, to get mad, be angry, protest, scream, and do things unbecoming to Christians. Oh, did I forget to say at the beginning I am speaking of Christians? Yes, Christians can sometimes be as difficult to live with or work with as sinners. Sometimes, you can't tell them apart. Sometimes the sinners may possess the right qualities while the Christian does everything against the Word of God. I suppose that is why Christians sometime get a bad name. We need to 'clean up our act'.

When we were saved, we were supposed to become new creatures; the old man was put away.(II Corn. 5:17) But, lots of times,that doesn't happen. The old man keeps creeping out. Some say Christians don't act that way, but they do. We have to make a change in our lives, and ask the Holy Spirit to help us. We can't change all by ourselves, but we surely have a lot do with it. That's called free will. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and will not make us do anything, although you will feel the prodding in your Spirit, if only you listen.

Why don't we rethink our stand with Christ, and give Him more place in our lives. We need to rise in the morning, and, as we plant our feet on the floor, we need to start by thanking Him for the day and the breath He has given us. Thank Him for the blessings we are about to receive throughout the day. Ask Him to bless others throughout the day. When we begin to live more like the Word of God admonishes us to, our lives will take on a whole new meaning. We will feel more like rising and rejoicing that, truly this is a new day, and we will be glad in it!

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