Saturday, January 13, 2007

Never too old

We've all heard the quote 'never too old'. But, most of us never think about what we will be doing at 100, since most of us won't be here to worry about it.

In Nigeria, though, the quote came alive when a pastor of 107 took his third wife. That doesn't seem too awfully unusual, since lots of people get remarried in old age. But, in this case, the bride is 77 years his junior!

Lagos - Samuel Akinbode Sadela, Nigeria's oldest preacher at 107, said he derived his strength from God after marrying a 30-year woman, said his church member on Sunday.

After the wedding, they quoted him as saying: "The Lord is my strength. I am very strong and energetic." Sadela, founder of Gospel Apostolic Church, had been on the pulpit for 75 years.

The pastor first got married in 1934, and this marriage lasted 21 years until his wife died. None of their seven children made it past infancy. The second marriage was in 1965, and lasted until his wife died in 2001. They had four children, but only 2 survived.

This really makes the verse of Matthew 19:26 ...'with God all things are possible' meaningful to many!

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Marie said...

That's disheartening. Scripture says an elder should be the husband of ONE wife.