Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Meal just too much to handle

Many times we 'bite off more than we can chew'. And, even eagles do the same!

Customers in Juneau, Alaska had their power cut off for a short time when an eagle could hardly hold his find. He had found a deer's head in a landfill and knew he had found a good meal. But, in his haste to retreat to a safe place with his find of the day, he failed to clear the power lines, thus, dropping his meal, and was electrocuted.

The landfill has a program in place to discourage eagles, ravens and other birds from feeding, she said. But this eagle "got a hold of a little bit more than he could handle."
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Barb said...

What a shame. Poor thing. I know things like this happen in nature but it's still sad to hear. An eagle, of all things.

Barbara said...

I would never have thought an Eagle could pick up a deer's head, but I guess we know differently now. Very sad.