Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Convicted Border Agents headed to prison in 24 hours

Two men, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, border agents, were just doing their job in trying to apprehend an illegal alien drug smuggler. In 24 hours, these two men will be leaving their families for 11 or 12 years in Federal Prison.

From Steve Elliott, President, Grassfire.org Alliance:

The only official word from the White House came through Spokesman Tony Snow last week who gave no indication that the President is considering taking action.

There is so much at stake here, first for these two agents and their families who have already paid such a high price, and secondly for our nation.

In the minds of millions of Americans, if these men go to jail this President will have sided with an illegal alien drug smuggler instead of the men and women who are literally standing on the wall protecting our nation's borders.
If you want to do something to try and help these men, you can go to the Grassfire.org and sign their petition. Also, you can call your state senators or the following numbers:

The White House 202-456-1414

Justice Department 202-514-2001

These men do not deserve what they are getting. They were sent to do a job, and, in doing so, they now face prison sentences. Where does our government stand: with keeping our country safe, or with the illegals, therefore taking away any authority the border guards have? You tell me.

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