Saturday, May 20, 2006

Backup Your Blog

Have you ever thought about what would happen if your blog was wiped out, all the hard work you had put in it for months, maybe years - all gone with one mishap at a server?

Well, this morning, during my stroll through blogosphere, I went to my usual stop at The Bloke, and found an interesting piece of free software that will take care of our worries. It is called WinHTTRack Website Copier. I investigated, downloaded the software, and quickly downloaded all my files from my blog! It was quick and easy, especially with a DSL connection. I checked out the mirror site on my computer and it is all there. You don't harvest email addresses with this. It is strictly for saving your site on to your computer. I have saved most of my posts on to my computer, but the earliest I had not. So, I am happy to have them all here in one place. Also, you can go back time and time again and download from your site.

This is certainly a better way of saving the entire blog than going through the hassle described at blogger, especially for users.

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deb said...

Barbara, THANKS for this link. I've often wondered about losing all the posts and know I would be heart-broken to destroy a year's worth of writing by all members of the family.

I'll check it out (and will probably mention it on our blog). Thanks much!

Barbara said...

You are welcome, Deb. I just thank The Bloke for putting this on his site. I had to check it out just to see if it really worked! And, it did. Hope you enjoy it.

Carol said...

Wow. Thanks, Barb! Yeah, I've been wondering what I'd do with all the stuff I've written. I'd actually braced myself to lose it all.

I love that someone's come up with this.

Barbara said...

I often go 'shopping' on the Internet to see what I can find. And, I'm happy I found this program! I was afraid it would not do what it said, but it did!