Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Media Is Going to SCARE You To Death!

If there is a scare about any one thing, then the media is going to play it to the tenth round, and then some! They will try to drag as much exposure out of the scare for themselves as they can. After all, that means listeners will come back again and again.

Well, John Strossel has taken them to task. Our over-exposure to cell phones have not produced massive deaths, brain tumors or cancer. I doubt that it will ever be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that cell phones are any worse than other things we are exposed to from day to day.

Strossel says that reports have been sent out about cells phones triggering explosions at gas stations. But, on investigation, the people claiming such have had to back down on those claims. It is usually static electricity as the culprit.

At the University of Oklahoma, there's a "Center for the Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility," which researches the effects of electronic devices on our lives. The center examined incident reports and scientific data, and concluded that there was "virtually no evidence to suggest that cell phones pose a hazard at gas stations." The researchers went even further: "The historical evidence," it said, "does not support the need for further research."

We are all going to die some day. That is a given; in fact, we were born dying! We may be getting older in age, but we are still dying. But, the media seems to want to pronounce a death sentence before our time. Take cancer, for instance. Cancer is on the decline, although, from the media, you usually do not hear this. They use scare tactics. But, actually, people are being detected more rapidly than ever before, so prevention is the road to a life free of cancer. Lung cancer has increased, but only because more people have taken up smoking, although most know that it is caused by smoking. Many people were secretive about cancer, so it wasn’t thought to have been a problem years ago. But, we have early detection, more people live longer and have more of a chance of developing some kind of cancer, and, more people discuss openly having cancer.

But, the media is going to find some menace to hound us about death! Hair dye,for instance. Take all the women who have their hair dyed at the beauty salons, or perhaps do it on their own. I have yet to see a mass ‘exit’ of women because of having their hair dyed.

John Strossel had the following to say:
While I've been a reporter, I've been asked to do alarmist reports about hair dye, dry cleaning, coffee, chewing gum, saccharin, cyclamates, NutraSweet, nitrites, Red No. 2 dye, electric blankets, video display terminals, dental fillings, cellular phones, vaccines, potato chips, farmed salmon, Teflon, antiperspirants and even rubber duckies.

He says he refused to do most of the storeis because he knows, if one-tenth of all those things were true, there would be ‘mass death’. And, today, we are living longer than ever before. Strossel contends that the reason there is a so-called epedemic is that "the media, suspicious of technology, hype dubious risks."

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