Monday, May 01, 2006

The Gideons

Sunday morning, we had a guest speaker at our church. He was from The Gideons International. This organization is a non-profit organization that is sponsored by donations from pastors, churches, and others who want to see God's Word spread around the world. This was our church's third year to have one of their members as a guest speaker.

Mr. Reid gave us a little information about the Gideons. He said they had distributed bibles in 180 countries. He also told us that President Bush was given the 1 billioneth Bible, when he got in office. The Bibles are placed in doctors' offices, hospitals, and hotel rooms and more. I have never been in a hotel or motel that did not have a Gideon Bible in the room. T
hey are placing as many as one million copies of the Bible in these areas every 7 days.

I remember wanting a Bible the night I was hospitalized with a broken hip. Mine was in my suitcase, since I had been on a bus tour when the accident occurred. So, my husband reached into the drawer of the stand by my hospital bed, and there lay a Gideons Bible. I'll always remember that, because WORD was what I needed most, at the time, and they had provided the Bible for us to read. Thank you, Gideons.

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Sonya C. Triggs said...

I don't know much about the Gideons, but I always thought they had done an awesome job at ministry. Every time I check into a hotel (and I love to travel!) I run across one of their Bibles.

It always reminds me that planting God's word is sometimes an inch by inch process - you do a little bit here and there and hope that someone else comes along to water that seed that you planted. And that God will give the increase.

I only hope my small ministry effort will contribute to the work of spreading God's kingdom as the Gideons have so faithfully done.

Barbara said...

I don't think there are many places you won't find one of their Bibles. They certainly have been 'doers of the Word'.

My pastor spoke on watering your seed on Sunday! If we are faithful to do our part, I do believe God will be faithful to do his!

Carol said...

Barb, did he say how they are funded? I always wanted to know.

Barbara said...

Gideons are funded by donations, mostly by pastors and churches. That's why we have them come once a year to our church.