Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Illegals Want Equal Rights

Do you think you, as an American, would be given the right to vote in a Mexican election, if you were not a citizen of Mexico? I don't think so. But, apparently, they think they should be given the right to vote here in America.

Thanks to Mr. Minority for his post on this situation - Chicano Groups Sue to Allow Illegals to Vote. Hispanic groups have sued to declare a voter-approved state law in Arizona that mandates registrants to submit documents to prove their citizenship.This is something the illegals will have a problem doing, and they think it is unfair.

"The reality is that Proposition 200 erects more barriers to voting and discourages citizens from registering to vote," said Cynthia Valenzuela, MALDEF's director of litigation.

The measure was placed on the ballot through an initiative campaign whose proponents argued that its voter ID requirements would prevent and combat voter fraud by non-citizens.

It was aimed chiefly at illegal immigrants.

The state will fight the lawsuit and defend the voter-approved law, said Secretary of State Jan Brewer, the state's chief elections officer.

As Mr. Minority says, "NO citizenship, NO voting, that's the way the law is." Those laws are on the books for a reason; to prevent fraud!

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Carol said...

I can't wrap my brain around why this whole illegal immigrant thing is such a conundrum. You'd think it would be so easy ... if you're illegal, you have the right to either go to jail for breaking the law, or get on the bus for home. But no, it's all a big mess, isn't it? Can you imagine being in Mexico illegally and insisting they give you free medical care, free education for your children, a job and subsidies for food and housing PLUS the right to have a say in who runs their government?

Okay. I need to get some perspective. I'm obviously not seeing the situtation clearly.

Barbara said...

Carol, I think you are seeing it clearly. But, those illegals are not seeing clearly. Perhaps they don't understand the difference in 'mine or yours' - 'legal or illegal'. They just want what we got without working for it, or becoming a citizen.

I believe our country has buckled under. We cannot be everything to everybody. There has to be a stopping point. Perhaps Reagen, with his amnesty policy started this whole mess! But, I'm sure he thought he was doing the right thing.

God shows us mercy, but his mercy is going to run out, if we keep sinning. I think that's the way it should be with illegals. The ones here in Reagen's time were shown mercy, but I don't think he had in mind that illegals would keep flooding America, demanding they be given citizenship or free everything, simply because they came to America. What incentive does that give to Americans?