Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Iran Christian Convert Faces Possible Death Penalty

Iran's apostasy laws call for a death penalty if a Muslim converts to Christianity. 33 years ago, 51 year old Ali Kaboli converted from Islam to Christianity. Kaboli has, for decades, held house meetings, chancing being caught by the Iranians. His home was burned down once by unidentified arsonists. He has been threatened, arrested, and interrogated many times for his Christians actions. Yet, he carried on for his faith.

He has been held for three weeks, but his arrest was just made public by the secret police. He had received death threats 12 years ago because of he was considered an apostate to the Islam faith. He has been ordered to never leave his town. A friend, who lives abroad and unnamed, said they pushed Kaboli to leave the country 3 year ago. But, he wanted to stay in his own country, even if it meant arrest. Now, he has been arrested and faces a possible death sentence for being a Christian in a strict Islamic state.

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