Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Path To Legitimacy

Immigration - illegal immigration, that is, has been the talk of the town, around the blogosphere, and anywhere in between, lately. Everyone and anyone has an idea on how to stop it, or possibly keep them here (yes, you read that right!). President Bush has been bashed, and lashed out at so much because of his stand on immigrants. A certain multi-bloggers blog has broken up over this immigration problem, as well.

I just got back from reading Nathan's post at Church and State on The President's Speech. He has some good points.

We can't deport 12 million illegal immigrants nor can we allow them all to stay undocumented.

We can start on the borders first, then do something about all those who are not supposed to be here. As someone said, it's not just hispanics; we have others who are also here illegally. Why not buckle down on ALL illegals? And, then redo the way they can become legal citizens. I was listening to a local radio talk show today, and this man called in. His wife is from Canada, and she is trying to become a legal citizen in the U.S., and it's going to take 8 years - lots of paper work to go through, having to get a green card first, I think he said.It's sort of like 'working your way up' in a job; except here, you are just trying to become legal.

One thing I see wrong is the fact that, if one gets a green card (the hispanics do this), they can bring all their relatives in. I'm not at all up for that idea, but it's happening right now. It should be a one-on-one thing; "I come over legally, get a job and work myself up to a citizen." It's okay to bring your wife and children, but not ever cousin, aunt and uncle or parents! But, then, when you do come, please learn our ways, and learn the national language - English, and speak it!

And, on a lighter note, read Vinnie's take on this at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy!

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Carol said...

My husband has a co-worker who has been working legally in this country for seven years on a work visa. The time has come when his employers have to go through some paperwork stuff to get him a green card. They don't want to fool with this, so they're letting him go. He has 30 days to clear out of the country. Wife, two kids that have been born here, a house they built, everything gone.

And yes, he speaks English. Perfectly.

So, I'm thinking our immigration laws are quite foolish. They aren't followed, they don't encourage those who are trying to do things legally, they're just broken. It's a total mess, IMO.

Barbara said...

Carol, the immigration system is no better than the ones running it. It has apparently been broken for a long time. Things have been let 'go to pot' before trying to 'get a handle' on it all.

It's sad that your husband's co-worker is being forced to leave, after doing things correctly. There should be some avenue he can follow to get this cleared up! That's the kind of people you want in the country.