Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pedophiles to launch political party

It's not in America, but, if you hang around long enough, it is probably coming! I've learned to never say never.

The Charity, Freedom, and Diversity party said it would be officially launched on Wednesday.
The Dutch pedophiles say, "We are going to shake the Hague awake!" And, if what they want doesn't wake up the Dutch, nothing will!

They want sex to be made legal for 12 years olds, as opposed to 16 year olds. And, they want to scrap it altogether in time, because "a ban just makes children curious", said one of the parties' founders. They also want the private possession of pornography to be legalized. And, they want pornography to be allowed on television, day and night. They want children above 16 to be allowed to appear in pornographic films and to prostitute themselves.

The Netherlands should have seen this coming, with their softness on soft drugs, prostitution, and gay marriage. But, they were in shock!

An opinion poll published Tuesday showed that 82 percent wanted the government to do something to stop the new party, while 67 percent said promoting pedophilia should be illegal.

"They make out as if they want more rights for children. But their position that children should be allowed sexual contact from age 12 is of course just in their own interest," anti-pedophile campaigner Ireen van Engelen told the AD daily.

Besides all this, they think everyone should be able to go naked in public, and that all soft and hard drugs should be legalized. In other words, 'don't put any restraints on us'!

Hopefully, the government will see the sorrow of it's ways and do something about this party. And, they definitely should do something about pedophilia in their country!

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Carol said...


I vote we Round-Up them and keep the poison ivy!

Barbara said...

Or, they might get into the poison ivy! :)