Monday, May 14, 2007

A Designer Original

Some people would do anything for a Designer Original dress or suit. They cost more than my money could buy. I never even entertain the thought of having a designer original. Those expensive outfits look good on the models, but believe me, I do not have the body of a model!

But, God, the Designer Original, created each of us as a unique individual. There are differences even in twins. Each of us has identifying marks that no other person in the world has. We all have a unique set of fingerprints that can be picked out among millions with today’s techniques.

My fingers were designed to be the long, slender fingers of a pianist. I play but do not consider myself anything beyond ‘loving to play’. Along with those long fingers, God made me tall, with long arms and long legs. I may have similar features of other women, but my body is mine and mine alone.

We look at people and judge them on their looks. But, with God, there are no good or bad looks. He made all of us in his image and his likeness. We look in the mirror and see flaws; He sees perfection, for we are his creation. We each have a uniqueness that God has given to us.

We need to realize that God made each of us for His pleasure. We may not measure up to what we would like to be, but we measure up to what God meant for us to be, if we serve Him. It is our duty to take this ‘designer original’ and use it for His glory, spreading the gospel wherever we go.

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Cindy said...

Great post, Barbara! A few years ago I was asked to speak at a ladies' banquet on the subject, "A Design for Living," which was the theme of the banquet. Your post reminded me of that.

Sista Cala said...

Even if we get down and out and think that we are just like everyone else in the pit, we just have to look to our Creator. When we are serving Him, we will see his smile of approval and be lifted from our little pity party.