Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Last Two Days

I have been on a mission with my daughter, her daughter and one of her sons. The son had a soccer tournament in Memphis, TN. He plays for a premier soccer team. This was the first out-of-state tournament I had ever been to, and it was fun! Hot, but fun! They played their hearts out for two days. And, it was exciting to see those boys play.

Anyway, my daughter asked me a week or so ago if I'd go with them. And, so I said yes, and glad I did. We had a ball! We knew the trip was going to be sort of long, since it's a 5 hr drive from her house (4 hrs from mine) there and back. But, we not only had to go to Memphis, but come back through Oxford, MS, where her daughter, a junior in HS, had to make some pictures for a class in school. The pictures had to do with William Faulkner, an author. So, we learned a little history, toured the town, and made pictures.

Oxford is a very nice little town, old, but one that is very inviting. In visiting, we found that the people we talked with were very nice and helpful. We had a map to show us the way, sort of, to find the things of which my granddaughter needed to make pictures. But, we found ourselves going around in circles part of the time - very frustrating, but very laughable! Tiredness was coming on, which made us silly, too.

We visited Square Books on the corner of Courthouse Square. My granddaughter had to have her picture made within the store. The Faulkner Fiction book section happened to be on second floor, which meant she had to climb stairs in order to get there - with crutches. Her Mother insisted she didn't have to go up, but she insisted she wanted to and could make it. And, she did, and we were happy she got to go up! We decided the teacher owed her an extra 10 points because she actually climbed those steps, crutches and all.

But, the last thing of the day we did there in Oxford was visit the Ole' Miss campus. And, we wished we had more time, because we didn't get to really 'visit'. We only to to ride around the circle and make the designated picture there. We could not find a parking place anywhere close, so we had to park in a non-parking spot. My granddaughter is on crutches, having broken her foot 2 weeks ago in a soccer game, so she wasn't able to walk a long way. The campus is a beautiful spot at the end of University, which goes right through town. Town is so accessible to students, even in walking distance. I was so surprised, but happy to see that. I told my daughter, that, if I had my life to live over, I would not mind going to Ole' Miss myself.

If you have never visited Oxford, MS, it might be worth your while to do so. It's a nice old town, lots of places to visit, and just a charming place to be. Our time was just too short. Perhaps we can go there when we have more time and sight see some more!

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Maxine said...

Looks like fun. Glad you enjoyed yourself. We need these things. Nice looking granddaughter!!