Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #34

Thirteen Thoughts Today

  1. Today, my oldest grandson, Josh, graduates from high school. He will be leaving home in a few months for college. He'll be leaving behind Mom, and 3 siblings (2 brothers and a sister - she will graduate next year).
  2. Josh is all grown up and it seems like only yesterday we were in the hospital the day she had him, holding that little man in our arms.
  3. I finished my scrapbook for Josh late last night. Had to have the help of hubby to put it back together. It is so nice, even if I do say so. Hope he enjoys it.
  4. My back has almost killed me (I said ALMOST) :) doing this scrapbook. Too much bending over the DR table to match corners, line up things - you name it. It was a chore, but one I enjoyed doing.
  5. My husband is working today and, hopefully, he'll get home in time to get ready so we won't have to fly to get there on time. They live an hour from us.
  6. My sinus is bothering me and I have been coughing like crazy this morning.
  7. I have had to press shirts and pants for this graduation this morning - getting every thing ready for a fast get away. Did I say we are 'living in the fast lane?'
  8. I am looking at 4 books I have to review here. I have started one and had one behind it, only to get two more in the mail yesterday. Will I ever finish them on time?
  9. It is beautiful outside. Just wish I had time to enjoy it and go do some photography.
  10. Josh has a big surprise ahead of him tonight. We all went together and bought his laptop and carrying case to take to college. He is 'hoping' he will get his uncle's older laptop he isn't using to take to school. IS he going to be surprised! He has no clue!
  11. My daughter called. Her daughter got her cast off her foot today, but they put her in a walking cast for probably 2 weeks. A small part of the bone had not grown together enough to let her stand permanently on that foot. My daughter says it is worse and larger than the cast, plus has a high foot on it, making it impossible to wear flipflops or anything with a small heel. Terrible to put a young girl in that thing! Hopefully, she won't have to wear it too long.
  12. I should be up taking my bath, getting my hair done, etc., but I'm addicted to this laptop, so I thought I'd run off a TT for you all to read. I know it's been boring, though. But, hopefully, you will come back for more at a later date. You can read my post This is the day It's about graduation.
  13. Did I say I have run out of ideas for Thursday Thirteen. Apparently, my brain isn't functioning properly or is in the wrong gear. Maybe I can come up with something later on that will be different. Right now, it's hard to think - wait until after graduation tonight.
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Josh! That's wonderful. He sounds like a special young man!

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Yeah, books have a bad way of showing up quickly and then taking awhile longer to read... I hear ya...

Happy TT and thanks for stopping by West of Mars!

Unknown said...

Hope you all had a great day.

Dewey said...

Congrats to Josh! I'm all excited for him about his laptop! I hope he's thrilled.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

Congrats to your grandson and best wishes to him for a wonderful college experience. He'll need that lap top for sure.

Amy Ruttan said...

Congrats Josh, I'm sure he'll have fun in college and enjoy the learning experience. I loved my college classes.

I was such a nerd.

Happy TT and thanks for dropping by mine.

Barbara said...

Thanks all for congratulations to Josh. He is so excited to be out of school and headed to college.

Dewey, he was very excited and surprised about getting the laptop. He and his girlfriend sat right down and got it going! She had made him a video from the time they started dating, complete with music and they wanted to see it. His home computer wouldn't work - one of the little boys had spilled kool-aid on the keyboard and had it all messed up. Anyway, he's a happy camper now! Tonight was sad but also exciting time for him.

Barbara said...

Amy, I think he'll enjoy college once he gets there and makes friends. But, everyone is trying to talk him into going ahead and playing football. He was QB part-time, but the place kicker/punter - in other words, did all the kicking for the team. He was #1 in the region and #2 in the state - turned down one scholarship to play - didn't want to go to that particular college. He's going where he's always wanted to go - just not to play football. Some of the fathers said tonight they've been talking to him, trying to encourage him to go on out and try, or he may regret that he didn't later in life. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on - and to - the new graduate! Always nice to hear about successful families and positive family events.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Josh. Everytime I hear of another kid graduating I get all teary. My son goes to High School next year and I am freaking out he is my oldest.

Nice gift you are giving him.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Congrats to Josh! He will love his graduation present!

Tink said...

Congrats to Josh! Thanks for visiting my Google TT; sorry I'm this late in responding.

DK said...

You have a graduate in your family, too, this year! Congratulations - seems like they were just in grade school! Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful holiday.
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