Thursday, May 24, 2007

This is the day

When our children are young, we know this day will eventually come. But, too often, to parents, it comes too early. We don't want to realize our children are grown up, going out into the world to experience for themselves what we did many years ago. But, it comes, even though too soon for us. It is graduation.

Yes, once again, it's Graduation Day for many of the high schools around. This is the first year in many years I can say I have someone in the family graduating. It happens to be my daughter's oldest son, Josh. We are very proud of this young man. He is a very well-adjusted person, very sensible and compassionate. He will be leaving home for college this fall, and I know Mom hates to see him go. Just the other night, she said she almost cried when she bought his Graduation card. So, I know tears will flow tonight. They certainly did last Thursday night at Baccalaureate services!

But, we would never deny our children the right to grow up and experience life on their own. Being a Mother, it is sometimes difficult to let go of the apron strings, so to speak. But, just as our parents did in the past, we must let them start life a new on their own and trust that they will take with them the lessons they have learned from their upbringing. If we did our best, then we can almost rest assured those children will not let us down. And, if they make mistakes in life, remember, they are living their lives, not ours. We can only be there for them in time of need, hold their hand, and daily pray for them.

To all the graduating high school seniors, may you find your path in life, and may it be rewarding. And, may I leave you with this thought: Acknowledge God and let Him direct that path. (Proverbs 3:6)

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Cathy said...

Barb, that's a very sweet blog with wise advice for parents and the graduates. And Josh is a good looking young man. :-)