Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #32

Thoughts from my weekend in Memphis, TN and Oxford, MS, with my daughter, her daughter and youngest son. It would have been a girly trip - we just had a guy along.
  1. We left early Saturday morning for a 4 hour trip to Memphis, TN, in the rain. Of course, that's 4 hours straight driving, not stopping to eat, etc.
  2. The trip was to take my grandson to a traveling soccer team's 2 day tournament.
  3. There were hundreds of boys and girls at the tournament. My grandson's team was the 12 year olds, although most, including my grandson are not 12. But, they play like older boys!
  4. Our team tied the first game, won the 2nd one 3-2, and lost the 3rd one 2-0. The 3rd game was terrible, considering the other team played, according to one of their parents, 'however they think the referee will call the game'. They found out quickly he was going to let anything go, so they played mean - trying to hurt our players. In fact, one young man on the other team was a big boy, and he kept trying to take out our players illegally, and you'd think he would have been carded, but he only got one foul called on him.
  5. We found the Soccer Complex with no problem, just as we entered Memphis. But, it wasn't that easy to read the Google Map we were provided in order to find our motel. We went around the 'moon' to find it and finally had to call the coach to lead us out of the wilderness. But, we all had a big laugh over it - laughed so hard we cried! Had we stayed a few days longer, we'd have had Memphis roads down pat!
  6. After losing the 3rd game on Sunday morning, we left my grandson with his coach and son to go swimming, and we headed out of Memphis toward Oxford, MS.
  7. We stopped to eat lunch at the nearest Pizza Hut and it was delicious! The only thing - I got gone and realized I had not left a tip, which made us feel bad. But, we were in a hurry - not wanting to get home at midnight. My daughter had to go to work the next day.
  8. We made it to Oxford, MS without any mishaps, although we had no map to get there.
  9. My granddaughter had to make pictures of her at designated places having to do with the author William Faulkner. The town was one we felt very comfortable in. It was our first trip there, and we'd all love to go back. Nice people gave us directions.
  10. My granddaughter had her picture made first at the home of William Faulkner which was sort of 'in the woods', although in town. We had to walk a long way from a dirt path to get to the house. I don't know if that is the way he lived or they have kept it private. Maybe they didn't expect as many visitors on the small single-lane road and turn around.
  11. The biggest trial for my granddaughter was walking up the steps of the Square Books store to have her picture made in the corner of the upstairs room where Faulkner's books were in the Fiction section. You have to know she has a cast on her left foot and is on crutches - cannot put any pressure on her foot. She was amazing!
  12. We visited the City Hall where she posed with the statue of Faulkner, and had her picture made in the corner old phone booth, where she almost got locked in. And, then we went off to the Cemetery where she posed at his tomb. There were visitors there, too.
  13. And, last but not least, we all took a trip through Ole'Miss. She had to have her picture made in front of a big building in the center of the circle inside the college. It is called the Lyceum building.
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Tink said...

I've read Faulkner and I like it, so I'd like to do the same in his hometown. The Netherlands is a soccer country, so if your grandson is any good he can come to Europe. ;-)
Thanks for visiting my food TT!

Joan said...

Love those sports tournaments! I've been to my share in my lifetime -- and still going strong on this second generation. My TT is also posted.

wolfbernz said...

There is nothing like going to a tournament. Oh how I remember...
Happy TT

wolfbernz said...

It's always fun to travel and check out different places.
Happy TT, Mines up!

Sue said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! Happy TT, and have a great rest of the week ... :)

Barbara said...

Tink, he is good and he also has a 13 yr old brother and 17 yr old sister who are also very good. His brother plays JR Varsity Soccer and his sister plays Varsity Soccer (she's the captain) and also Premier traveling soccer like him in the Fall. So, they all play year round. Hopefully, Heather will be getting a scholarship to go to college next year to play soccer. Right now, she's out with a broken foot she got on the 3rd game from the last of this season. Will probably miss tryouts for the Premier team the 1st of June, but her coach said he didn't worry about her - she'll make it. She's one of their best. But these kids have played almost all their lives.

You'd love Oxford! I had never been until Sunday myself, and we are planning on going back. Heck, I told my daughter, if I had life to do over, I'd love to go to Ole'Miss myself!

DK said...

Sounds like an eventful weekend! We'll be going to Memphis in June for a Home Educator's conference. Mitch has been asked to do a couple of workshops on his book. Thanks for sharing the great TT and have a terrific week.

Lene said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Happy TT!

Miscellaneous-Mum said...

I'd love to visit the haunts and places of famous writers. Suck up the history! Sounds like you had a great time

L^2 said...

Sounds like you had a pretty nice trip.

I loved soccer as a kid, but it was not a popular enough sport around here then to have school or city teams.

Happy TT! :-)

damozel said...

I'm a big Faulkner fan; sounds like a great trip. I love that part of the country, being from the south myself. My T13 this week is about my spouse, Nicholas (also a Thirteener)..:)

Anonymous said...

How neat that your granddaughter had her picture made at William Faulkner's home! He was truly an amazing writer.

Sounds like you had a fantastic trip! :) Happy TT, and thanks for visiting my blog.

she said...

I'm so jealous. Memphis is one of my all time favourite US cities and I haven't had a chance to visit in a few years.

Naeva - Mom of 2 said...

Oh, sounds like a happy family trip.

Happy TT!

Tinker said...

I love to travel but at times I have gotten lost...lucky for you , you had someone to call to lead you out of the wilderness!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Great list! Sounds like a wonderful trip. No matter where I go, I always get lost and have an experience like the one you had searching for the hotel. Very frustrating but often funny. My 5 year old wants to start playing soccer this fall. Thanks for the heads up on what to look forward to.

Michelle Pillow said...

Sounds like you had a great trip :)


FindingYourPath said...

Hey Barb

I'm heading to Memphis,TN the first of June for a Home School Conference. I'll be speaking and teaching a couple of classes. Any hints/info on the town you could pass my way.

Thanks for the Read


Sparky Duck said...

well, unfortunately for your grandson, that is playoff/tournament soccer. The refs swallow the whistle as the games get more important, so you can get away with more.

I was going to be very disappointed if you didnt get to Oxford and not stop by Ole Miss. One of my things on my list to do someday.

Di said...

Love, love, love Memphis!

Neil said...

I'm tired now just reading about your trip! Glad you had a good time and enjoyed being with your family!

jdoriot said...

Sounds like a very fun trip!

Barbara said...

Neil, it was a little tiring, but fun! Wish we could have spent a whole day in Oxford, MS. I would loved to have really toured the Ole' Miss campus, but we knew we had almost a 4 hr drive home from there. I think my granddaughter was the one who was tired. I never could have went around on crutches like she did! She climbed 2 flights of stairs and never complained!

Nancy J. Bond said...

It sounds like a very busy and interesting trip. Faulkner was a genius and I'd love to see his home. Thanks for your visit this week -- have a wonderful Mother's Day. :)

Myrna said...

Sorry--I put my name on the list on you Mr. Linky twice accidently.

Sounds like you had an interesting trip. Soccer tournaments--with parents, coaches, and players sometimes forgetting their manners! I remember the days! It's supposed to be fun for the kids. Too bad some adults lose sight of that!