Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Did you vote today?

It looks like voter turnout was high today, in spite of the rain we had around here and in other parts of the United States. We voted around 6PM Central time, and our voting precinct was full, and, as we left, a long line was forming. Many workers have to drive a long way in order to vote after work, so I am sure there were people coming in right up to the deadline for voting.

The races are too close to call for those that would make a difference in whether the Senate or House would change hands from Republicans to Democrats. But, if your favorite man/woman did not win, and you did not vote, you can't raise your voice and blame it on others. So, hopefully, you did go and vote, regardless of the weather or other factors that could have caused you not to vote.

I heard a local Birmingham radio personality say today that, of the 98% of people who will not vote in this election, those people either don't care and just are too lazy to get out and vote, or are people who aren't well-informed. I haven't talked to many who were not going to vote; therefore, I don't really have an opinion on that. But, I think it was very important that each registered voter went to the polls and voted today. Every vote counts!

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The Random Yak said...

Thanks for the link, Barb! I absolutely voted - and I hope everyone else out there did too (well, except maybe illegal aliens, unregistered individuals, the dead and the criminally insane).

Barbara said...

I second that, Yak! But, with the way things went, who knows! Did you hear about all the problems in the 'new' voting machines that the Democrats had to have? :) I'm happy we still have paper ballots in our state! You can't go wrong with a marker and paper, unless you can't connect the arrows. LOL!