Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hold On

If you were ever into country music, you have to remember Tammy Wynette and George Jones’ duet together – “We’re gonna hold on”. But, of course, they did not hold on to each other. Humans are unpredictable. They mean well, at times, but lose sight of the overall picture, and venture out into the ‘greener pastures’. And, when they get there, they realize the pastures are not any greener than they were on the other side.

Humans mess up things by themselves! So much has been said about the fall of Pastor Ted Haggard. But, remember, he has a family. And, his son, Marcus Haggard, is pastor of Boulder Street Church in Colorado Springs. During his Sunday sermon, he said, “We don’t shoot our wounded.” His church will stand behind him, and give him support as he struggles with the allegations against his father.

"We all sin," the younger Haggard said. "If there is one thing we Christians should never really be surprised by - it's that people sin. That's rarely a shocker for us. We understand that better than anybody else on planet Earth."

During our times of struggle, we need to remember that God is the I AM; He is there when nobody else will be. He is the Almighty – the One who can see us through the toughest times, chastise us with love when needed, and wrap His arms around us when we are broken. Too many times, though, we don’t see a way out, and keep going along in our own ways, rather than holding on to our faith, and turning the situation over to God. We need to learn when to ‘hold on’, and when to ‘let go’. Seems us humans haven’t really learned the WHEN yet.

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