Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is marriage on the way out?

For someone who has been married for over forty two years, I think marriage is alive and well. But, as one looks around, you sometimes wonder if that is really so. There are so many divorces, even among Christians. "Until death do us part" has no meaning any longer, it seems. The attitude is 'if we don't jive,then we will just divorce. And, many never even legalize their union; they just merely co-habit. These are certainly not good for onlookers who question marriage for themselves.

Birds of the Air has a great blog on 'Marriage at it's end?'. He spoke about how many states have 'no-fault divorce' where it's easy to get out of an unwanted marriage. He also talks about Christians who do nothing to help the state of marriage. They will identify themselves as Christians, and still shack up and divorce, therefore, laying aside the Word of God on these matters. This is a bad message going to the secular public.

To me, marriage is a union between a man and woman, committed to each other. If they have children, they then set the example for those children to live by. It sends the message that marriage is a great thing to those children, and to be desired, rather than just shacking up. Too many have lost their focus in their marriages, getting divorces without realizing the after effects on the children, as well as the one left behind. If a marriage is interrupted when children are home, don't fool yourself and think your children won't be effected. Some will go through life wondering if they were the reason for the divorce. It is hard for children to comprehend about adult relationships, and see themselves as the cause, even though they are told it is not so.

I do not think that marriage is on the way out, because it is sanctioned by God. He tells us in His Word to marry and 'multiply'. And, multiplying can only be done through a man and woman. Marriage is also to be only between a man and woman, although society today is trying to change God's law, and say that marriage should not be seen as just between a man and woman. They find ways to have children - with man and man or woman and woman. This is not a healthy marriage, no matter what society says. There would never be any question in people's minds, if that were so, because we would have no reason to question it. But, I digress to the Word: Leviticus 20:13.

The world may look at things differently than Christians. Their definition of marriage can be different, as well as their belief that different ways are a sin. Cohabitation is shown on television, and homosexuality is flooding the mainstream, as well. As more and more 'come out of the closet', marriage will be more and more subjected to the ands, ifs, whys, and buts. But, that never will change the Word. It will never take away the right of a child to have both a father and mother. And, it most certainly will never change my thought on marriage, that it is sanctioned by God, and between a man and woman. And, I thank God for my husband who also thinks the way I do. We both came from a home where our parents were together as long as 56 & 67 years before the death of a spouse. May our marriage last as long!

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