Sunday, November 26, 2006

An Afternoon With Cody

Book Review
An Afternoon with Cody
Author: Rex Forrest Johnson
Publisher: Pine Hill Press
Sioux Falls, SD

"He had a lot to say. I was becoming a very interested listener." page 21

What started out to be an ordinary trip to get an interview for sports columnist Walter Withers turned out to be a life-changing event. His trip to Minneapolis was detoured to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, a long way from his destination. He was stranded in an unfamiliar airport, surrounded by lots of people, waiting to go on another interview closer to Sioux Falls. But this airport would gain him a friend and a new outlook on life.

During the 7 or more hours Withers was in the airport, he saw many passengers come and go. But, those 7 hours would change his life forever. Cody Brill was a very intelligent man who had been around a long time, experienced many things in life, including the life-changing experience that he was about to share with Withers. Withers had no clue as to why this guy was in the airport, nor that Cody actually knew the man to whom his employer had sent him to interview this time.

The author did a great job in bringing the reader into the airport along with these two men. You sense the atmosphere in the room, the attention Withers gives to Cody, and the excitement with which Cody explains every little detail. When the long talk is over, Cody has done his job in explaining spiritual things to Withers, and he is a completely changed man. His character has changed from secular ways to the way of loving and forgiving.

My name is Barbara Sanders, wife, mother and grandmother. I am a homemaker, who enjoys computing and reviewing books. This copy of 'An Afternoon with Cody' was given to me by Active Christian Media for review. I give the book 5 stars.

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Anonymous said...

I just read the book and it was great! You begin by feeling sorry for Walter, but by the end you are so excited for him and the new life he has begun! From start to finish this book is great!

Barbara said...

You are so right! The author did a fabulous job in bringing these two characters together. I could have read this book in one sitting!