Saturday, November 18, 2006

Is there honesty in the House?

On January 2, 2007, there will be a new Speaker of the House. Nancy Pelosi, Democrat from California, will assume the duties of outgoing speaker Republican Dennis J. Hastert. And, she says she is going to try and make this a working Congress; bi-partisan, if you will. Time will only tell if the Democrats can make good on their promise to be a better governing body than the Republicans.

For 6 years, all we have heard is how the Republicans are ruining our American way of life, no matter how the outlook is on things. Our economy is so much better, and it seems we are living in the best of the times. But, I doubt that it will ever pass the lips of a Democrat that we are having such a good time. The Republican administration has been accused of every thing that has gone wrong or will go wrong in the future. Yet, we have heard no real ways the Democrats will fix things that the Republicans has supposedly messed up.

The President passed a bill to build a security fence between Mexico and the United States. But, will there be money appropriated to build the fence? Or, will there be a hold out, since it was done by Bush?

Hopefully, this Congress, led by Speaker Pelosi, will stop and put their thinking caps on, and realize that there are people out here that will be affected by every decision they make. It doesn’t matter if the decisions have to do with illegal immigration and building of the fence or the Iraqi war, or a number of other things, people outside of the Congress will have to deal with the decisions of the Congress. But, Congress must also remember, whatever decisions they make will be met with either approval or disapproval from Republicans and the President. If Pelosi does try to co-operate with the ones on the other aisle (Republicans), then perhaps some things can be accomplished the next two years. But, she will be met with resistance, if she doesn’t play her cards right.

Ken Hughes says:

Let’s pray the new congress realizes they’re the servants not the masters and act accordingly.

And, I certainly agree with that!

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