Thursday, November 02, 2006

Breakdown in communication?

I think not! Senator John Kerry has cried 'wolf' so many times, his fellow Democrats are getting tired of hearing him. This time, they have tried to distance themselves from him and what he has said, dismissing it as wrong, and he should give an apology to the soldiers in Iraq.

How could anyone take what he said to those students in Pasadena, California, on Monday, and believe it was a joke? Words speak for themselves. I believe the scripture that says, 'out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks'. And, I believe Kerry proved it with the following words:

"You know education," he said. "If you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well, and if you don't you get stuck in Iraq."

No matter how you 'slice a orange', you will not get an apple from it. So it is with this speech. Perhaps he 'meant' to say something linking the President to the Iraq war, because Kerry is against it, after 'he was for it'. But, he didn't do that. He used education as the standard - either you learn and make something of yourself, or you are off to Iraq, where you are stuck. And, that is not a true statement, but it is Kerry's belief. Many of our servicemen and women are college graduates, and some have high degrees. But, they voluntarily joined the armed forces,intent on going wherever they were sent for their tour of duty. It was a job they felt compelled to do. But, according to Kerry's statement, he makes it seem that the soldiers in Iraq are not smart.

I believe Kerry hurt himself as a politician with that statement. He is remembered for his attack on the military when he came back from Vietnam, and it won't be forgotten. With this added on, there are perhaps many military families who got a big sting from that speech the other day. And, the so-called apology was an after thought, and on paper, instead of in person. Seems he was trying to patch up the problem he had made for himself and for the Democratic party. Otherwise, they would not have distanced themselves from him. It was not the Republicans that jumped on the bandwagon this time; it was his on constituents in Congress.

As Kerry combatively refused to apologize, giving a combative news conference in Seattle and impugning "despicable Republicans" for attacking him.

He personally attacked White House spokesman Tony Snow as a "stuffed suit … mouthpiece" and talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh as "doughy," making the story bigger and bigger.

I am of the opinion that Kerry has to be mad at life, or perhaps he thinks he is high above criticism. He personally attacked Tony Snow and Rush Limbaugh and all Republicans. This did nothing except to hurt his reputation, which was already spoiled, in my opinion. He should have zipped his lips long before this. The Democrats should have 'corralled' him long ago!

This was not a breakdown in communication. It was a showing of the true Kerry, still mad at the world for his loss in the 2004 campaign, and his hatred for Bush. I admire the Democrats who came out against his speech, and those who have distanced themselves from him. But, it was all done for political reasons, not that any of them will distance themselves from him in Congress.

"He has since that campaign kind of been like a guy in the weight room, training and building up his muscles, spoiling for the next fight," Crowley said. "It explains why when there's a faint whiff of something similar in the air, he wants to go out and get it right. But the problem is I think now he's overreacting. He's overcompensating."

Politics can be cruel. It's a profession of power and adulation and unbelievable highs, and one of impotence, rejection and lows that most people cannot begin to fathom.

It can wreak havoc on a man's soul.

I will not hold my breath to see how much this has done to the 'soul' of John Kerry. If anything, this will make him more intent on proving he was right, and this was just an attack by those "despicable Republicans".

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Norma said...

Actually, I think he really did intend to make that statement about Bush, but he expressed his true unvarnished belief about our military, whom he maligned so badly back in the 70s.

But why he would mention Bush's education, when it is better than his own, I have no idea. The man is deeply confused.

Barbara said...

Maybe he did mean to make the statement 'about Bush'... but he did it the wrong way - attacked the education of our troops. And, as you said, Bush has a higher IQ than him - or actually did better at college than Kerry did. But, as one post I read said, apparently, he thinks Bush is dumb and he is smarter.BUT, BUSH made it to be President, and Kerry didn't. Must tell us something!