Monday, November 27, 2006

His Promise to God

Trouble or sickness comes our way every day. But, it's the way we handle these things that make us who we are. And, today, David Sumrell is alive to tell all about his promise to God, when he was faced with cancer which was about to take his life.

Sumrell was told he had melanoma cancer which had spread throughout his body and to his brain, and he was too sick to take chemotherapy. But, he gave thanks to God, when he heard the news, and was ready to get down to business. He asked God to let him write 3 books in his honor, and, if God was ready for him to die, then he was ready.

Today, Sumrell has not only carried through with his commitment to God with the 3 books, he is now free of cancer without taking medication.

CBN has asked David to allow them to do his story on national television, and has just verified the medical information. It is a tremendous honor for David to be able to share his story, and how the demand for his books is ever increasing.

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