Friday, November 24, 2006

Out of touch

I just read Greg Crosby's article over at JWR, entitled "Not my world". Oh, how I identify with everything he is saying!

I walk in the malls, or walk down the streets, and I wonder what has happened to people to make them want to dress like bums! I want to say, 'men (boys), pull up your pants. I don't want to see your undies or MORE! Put on a decent, fitting shirt. And, please, oh, please, learn to WALK!' And, to the women (girls), 'Do you not want to look decent anymore? Why do you wear clothes meant for teenagers, women? And, teenagers, why do you want to show your body parts, that should be covered, to the world? And, why do you think these pants with holes are so cute, or that wearing those tight-fitting, midriff-showing shirts are so appealing?"

People need to get a grip on life! I miss seeing people dressed nicely. I often feel like I'm out of place, when I am dressed in clothes that fit, that look decent, and do not show body parts meant only for my eyes, or the eyes of my spouse! Honestly! Clothes manufacturers have gotten the craze these days. They have forgotten there are people out there, namely the older generation that likes to becovered, that wants to look more our age in the things we wear, and are not hip on wanting to be stylish in today's terms. I want women's slacks to go back to the waist. I want women's blouses, shirts, sweaters, etc, to get longer, and some of them looser. Middle-aged and older women do not look good in clothes meant for teenagers. And, I dare say, teenagers do not look good in most of today's clothes made for them.

Boycotts are called for all different things. Perhaps it's time, we people who want to be able to buy decent-looking clothes, should boycott the industry. Do you think it would make a difference? Perhaps not, since today's parents are allowing their teenagers to dress in the provocative clothing that is being put in every store. Until parents put a handle on the buying of such clothing, the clothing industry will keep producing. And, while they keep producing, we will continue to have to look at the bare midriffs, the 'behinds', flabby bellies, and more, of those folks who are willing to compromise their looks for fashion. As for me, I'll continue to 'be out of touch' with today's fashion, wear clothing that fits my body and my age,and continue to look for those clothiers that do think about the older generations. I know there must still be some out there!

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WomanHonorThyself said...

Hiya Barbara,,,ty for the link. The problem is the sexualization of all culture..women are told they should look like tramps and they listen!..I couldnt agree with more if I tried hun!

benning said...

It isn't just that, though the raunchy look of women these days is disturbing (speaking as a single male, that sort of dress is enticing until you realize how many of these sultry females are simply way under-age!), it is that so many people are out in public ... filthy! They smell, they're dirty, dressed in sweat pants and slippers! I can't imagine stepping out the door unwashed. Yet look at the sandaled feet of many folks in the stores and you see dirty feet. As I say, it's disturbing. Annoying as well. And the number of mature males dressed like a teen is a shock. Do these chubby, balding men think they look hip? Or sexy?


Barbara said...

It is sad that our women/girls want to dress like they do, and actually think it's good. But, Benning, I agree with you. I hate to be in public and see someone that is filthy! Old clothes are fine, because some people can't afford better. But, to be dirty is inexcusable!

As for males OR females dressed like teens is a turn off! Makes them look silly. Lots of them want to look like their teen children, and it just doesn't work! But, then, some probably just don't care how they look.